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Welcome to the Exhaust Gas Community
![<]( is a niche community for people interested in the exhaust fumes of internal combustion engines, and various other forms of environmental pollution – particularly if they’re created just for fun! Some like to call it an exhaust gas fetish! If you enjoy the sight and smell of exhaust fumes, or like producing them for fun yourself, welcome home! Join the community to: * meet others who enjoy polluting the air for fun * discuss engines, exhaust gas, pollution, motorsports, environmentalism, and any related topic * exchange tips on how to produce the nicest, thickest, most pungent exhaust fumes * show off your collection of polluting machines * share air pollution stories and achievements * organize meet-ups to poison the air together * share photos and videos of your pollution activities A few related topics are also covered, for example: * **Racing gear and protective clothing.** Show off the outfits you wear when contaminating nature! * **Tree fellings and deforestation.** Keep your camera ready! Show us the beauty of healthy trees being cut down, or forests being destroyed, in your area. Everybody is welcome to join! The only thing we ask is respectful behaviour! Even if you’re the staunchest environmentalist, you’re welcome to join and discuss with us. This community site is part of a network which also includes the following: * The **[Exhaust Gas Homepage](** which details the personal background of the site’s creator, and introduces outsiders to the concept of being into exhaust fumes. * The **[Exhaust Gas Gallery](** which shows the full beauty of attractive people poisoning nature’s pristine air with toxic exhaust fumes. * The **[Exhaust Gas Video Library](**, which links to countless publicly available videos of senseless air pollution. * The **[Exhaust Gas Activities](** pages which intend to lower the entry barrier to active, recreational air pollution. Since you need working engines, gasoline, oil, and a place to legally pollute in order to enjoy the hobby, it can be difficult to get started, particularly for children and teenagers, or those with limited funds. The activity pages try to show ways in which everyone can find ways to enjoy producing their own exhaust fumes.